Who Do We Think We Are?

Welcome aboard! We are Joodie (say Judy) and TBG (The Big Guy) and we have enjoyed exploring together since we met in 1996. We like to go out in nature and walk around in what we think are interesting places. To mix it up, we sometimes bike or kayak instead.

Meet Essie


Essie is a 38’ 2005 Newmar Dutch Star. To find out how I arrived at the name click here. We tow a 2014 Honda CR-V named Hond, the Dutch word for dog, because it follows the Dutch Star around, hence is a Dog Star. In the summer of 2018, we got rid of everything we couldn’t fit in the rig or the toad, and as of August that year, we have been  living full-time on the road.

Meet TBG

He is so called because the top of his head comes in at a cool 6’5″. He is the Chief Trail Sign Pointer, Bike Fixer, RV Mechanic, and Leathercrafter (he scratch-made those boots in the photo above!) He takes most of the really good photos. He also offers suggestions on what I should write about that I occasionally actually consider. His other interests consist of me, and the things I decide we like to do.

Meet Me

I am the Wordsmith, Head Route-Planner, Chef, Occasional Rig Driver, and Lover of All Critters. In my opinion, if no critters are espied during an outing, we may as well have stayed home and watched nature shows. I frequently call them by names other than what they are, usually ones I’ve fabricated, so you’ll want to watch out for that as you read my posts. That’s really all you need to know about me.